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Dear members

The season started with a bang last month with the start of the Summer Knockouts. Thank you to the many people who have entered, the Singles Competition had almost 50 competitors which was great to see.

Our meetings with the new management team have been continuing and here are a few things we have been discussing

  • Course changes. Turning the first into par 4 and lengthening either hole 2 or 4 into a par 5.
  • Improvements to the clubhouse with a new members spikes bar for weekends.
  • Pace of play improvements with hopefully dedicated tee times for members at the weekends.
  • Reduction in the price of season tickets
  • The start of new midweek competitions to support 5 day members.

Discussions continue however I think many of you will agree that there are lots of positive improvements taking place at TPGC. Do let me have your thoughts below.

Match highlights

This last month we have had some great victories in the inter club competitions. In the NAPGC Hawtree we beat Little Hay Golf Club 3 to 2. Our Scratch team beat Wyke Green at home. We look forward to more good results from these teams

Our two main qualifiers for the NAPGC and UKPGC individual competitions have seen around a dozen qualifiers who will play in regional heats in coming weeks. Well done and good luck to the following players;

Men's Championship of England Qualifiers
  • M Etherington, L Yoxhall, T Connor, M Neiland, P Norton and L Reid.
UKPGC Qualifiers
  • M Smyth, J Cotrim, M Acton, T Davies, P Fanning, A Lee, M Neiland, N Jani, M Clarke, B Stom, L Yoxhall, B Dave, J Whelan.
Finally looking forward to June we have perhaps the two biggest competitions at TPGC taking place. On June 19th there is the first round of the Drummond Championship. On July 4th we have Joint Captains' Day. Ensure that you check your 6 card status from the lists on the noticebord.

Thank you, play well and see you in the 19th.

Matt Clarke 2010 Captain.

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