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Hi Everyone,

Just trying to muster some more support for Noah's Ark, the children's end of life care charity, as we are having the Pat McGinley day next Saturday, 7th of June.

Please show that you wish to attend by sending an RSVP to the event that Dave Berkhoff has started for the day on the website, please do that by Monday lunchtime so we can make a draw.

On another note, the first two Majors went according to plan, with good support for the EIROW at the last minute.

Ireland won, by a narrow margin, with lots of good spirit and a last second change, last group recount, glad I made that put on the 18th!!!!

There was also a fantastic result for Trent Park against the Friends Golf Society, winning 10-2. I hope we can make this an annual competition, as there are 12 players for each side, all handicap ranges and levels.

I have thrown down the gauntlet to another society I play with, still waiting for their answer, they have a committee meeting this weekend, so I should know soon. They have said they might prefer to play on a neutral course for the first one, then the winners can choose where they defend the cup after that, sounds good to me? Any opinions on that would be appreciated. Are the members happy to play against golf societies? Would you all like to play more societies or is two a year enough? Would you like me to start a local public course challenges? We could challenge other public courses to matches like the one we played against Friends? Then I suppose there would need to be a home and away match?

I am happy to put up a trophy for any new event that we can start which encourages competition between other clubs and ours. Especially of there is room for lots of our members to play and represent our club.

Let me know by sending a message to me here, or blog it, and tell everyone how you feel, that's what it's here for after all,,,

Yours in golf,

Mickey Griffin.
Captain at Trent Park

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