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End of Season Tickets & New booking a tee time system

I hope that you are all remaining safe and well despite ongoing difficult circumstances?
I wanted to drop a note to all members, following an announcement by the Golf Course on Friday 15th January.
Quite a number of you will have picked this up from other sources (eg. TPGC WhatsApp Group), so apologies for re-sending to you what you already know.
1. On Friday 15 January the managers of the Golf Course advised those persons holding season tickets who are TPGC Members (approx 25 or so) that season tickets were being cancelled with immediate effect. Their rationale, such as it is, is to be able to maximise revenue once the course re-opens given the impact of the pandemic on the course.
NB - If there is any season ticket holder who did not receive an e-mail on this topic from BRS golf, please let me know and I'll chase it up for you.
2. The course is also intending to implement, when the course re-opens, a new booking system that will requireall to pre-book and pre-pay. (I do not know at this time the finer points but it's clearly designed to get money in upfront).
As a committee we believe, based on competition activity/entry etc, that the season ticket holders constitute approximately 90% of the active members of the Golf Club. You'll at once see the significant impact the measure taken by the Course could have on the club as season ticket holders consider the implications of potentially significant increases for their golf at Trent Park.
We will keep members appraised over the coming weeks.
Kind Regards
Ian Rickard
Secretary, Trent Park Golf Club Members

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