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My memories of a wonderful golf club – some great years

My memories of a wonderful golf club – some great years

The Trent Park Golf Club (TPGC) was founded in 1974, although I can only talk about my time at the club from 2010 when things were very different.

 The 1st hole was a par 5 then, although I know previously it was a par 4.

 We had a club house, where we would meet to enjoy a fry up before we played our game – (remember Brendan?) and then we would meet in the bar afterwards to talk over a pint or two and how well we played. (ok, not always that well)

We had trophy cabinet, which housed all our club trophies including the Dave McGibbon Cup - the man who founded our club all those years ago.

We had many very large wooden Honours boards for each competition where each all the winners and past captains’ names where proudly engraved in golf leaf for all to see and remember.

I remember Roger Cook, the then captain, who I first met when I joined, smoking a roll-up fag at a table in the bar with that lovely open log fire, and telling me all about this wonderful club. How we had over 300 club members and played competitions every weekend. Where you would get an official handicap as the club is affiliated member of English Golf Associations.

It was a warm and friendly place where you could meet new players and play competition golf.

We had many annual club comps like; Captains Day, Presidents Day, Drummond, Stableford comps for Men and the Ladies – and for each one the turn out normally well exceeded 80 players.

The golf course itself was also in very good condition in those days, I remember when they actually had sand in the bunkers!

I became club captain in 2012. As club captain, I realised how important the club was to all its members when one long standing member kissed me when England won the England v Ireland v RoW club comp that year and said: “well done captain, that was the first time in 5 years that England actually won, I’m so happy let me buy you drink!”

Long serving committee members like Roger Cook, Martin Coyle, Paul Murphy, and especially Crispin Roche, must be mentioned for tirelessly helping to run our great club in my time. The ladies were also magnificent and really helped running behind the scenes.

As you know TPGC play at Trent Park Public Golf course which has been run by different organisations over the years and we have worked together for mutual benefit.

TPGC attracted many new players to play this course – this has generated extra revenue for the course management for no charge to them.

TPGC has given the course the credibility of having an affiliated Golf Club playing on their course.

The inter club county competitions introduce the course to new golfers from other clubs.

TPGC Major comps not only block book tee times but also have given extra revenue to the club through refreshments before and after…

On the TPGC website we have link to book a tee time online – direct to managements site – free advertising for them.

Makes you think that Trent Park management has a good thing having TPGC here?

Over the past 8 or so years has seen a steady stream of players leaving our club. This in my opinion is for mainly these reasons:

The Trent Park management has taken away the following:

  • a place for our members to meet before and after games and feel welcome.
  • our Trophy cabinet
  • our Honours boards
  • any mentions of our club (ie branding)

 And now, the last nail in the coffin…

  • The management have taken away season tickets from immediate effect.
    Our players showed loyalty by taking season tickets for a 1 or 3 year term and accepted that no refund would be given if a player could not play during that time.
  • and finally, they have made it a policy not to have multiple tee time bookings, so it makes it almost impossible to hold future competitions.

But the one thing they can’t take away is our memories of this once great club.

If you would like to share any of your memories with us, we’d love to hear from you on this site or go to Trent Park Golf Face book page and let them know what you think of what they have done!

These are personal views and account, from Dave Berkoff

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