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The New World Handicap System (WHS) is coming

Just a "heads up" to people of the new World Handicap system due in November this year.

Ian Rickard

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WHS comes into play on Monday 2nd November in Great Britain and Ireland and will replace the current CONGU handicapping system. It will be part of a system used by over 15 million golfers in 80 countries worldwide.

What is the new World Handicap System?

The new WHS has been developed by the R&A and USGA in collaboration with existing handicap authorities. The benefit of the WHS over current systems is it combines the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating system and is designed to:

  • Attract more players to the game
  • Make handicapping easier to understand
  • Give all golfers a Handicap Index that can be transferable from course to course, domestically as well as globally.

Why has the WHS been created?

To allow as many golfers as possible the opportunity to:

  • Obtain and maintain a Handicap Index and reduce barriers of entry
  • Use their Handicap Index on any golf course around the world.
  • Compete, or play recreationally, fairly regardless of where they play.

How does the WHS work?

For golfers in England, calculating a new Handicap Index will be front of mind when adopting the WHS. The process will begin in the same way throughout the world – by accurately measuring a golfer’s playing ability. For regular golfers this will be done by the WHS Software calculating the average of the eight best scores from the previous 20 rounds. New golfers will have to submit scorecards of 54 holes to TPGC Handicap Committee.

Further information will be released in due course. Anyone wishing to read in more depth can visit

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