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The New World Handicap System (WHS) is coming – PART 4

Understanding how playing handicap works

How do scores count towards the WHS? 
WHS comes into play on Monday 2nd November in Great Britain and Ireland and will replace the current CONGU handicapping system. It will be part of a system used by over 15 million golfers in 80 countries worldwide. This is the fourth note in the series to introduce the WHS to TPGC members

What is Playing Handicap?

Playing Handicap is a stroke allowance that is implemented in order to maintain the integrity of the WHS when used in competition. It allows golfers to compete on a level playing field, regardless of their Handicap Index. The Course Handicap converts to a Playing Handicap for competition purposes only and changes depending on the format of play.

The four most important aspects of Playing Handicap to remember are:

  • It is only used for competition purposes
  • It ensures equity to calculate competition results (via Handicap Allowances)
  • Golfers do not need to do anything to calculate it (it is generated before their round)
  • Golfers should continue to play in the mindset of their Course Handicap in competition rounds


How is Playing Handicap calculated?

Course Handicap x Handicap Allowance = Playing Handicap

How to submit a score?

After the completion of a competition round, a player has to submit their scorecard as soon as possible in order for their Handicap Index to be updated. Preferably, scores should be posted at the venue being played and on the same day, as this will be when a player’s Handicap Index will be updated. If this is not possible, players may post scores utilising the technology available at their golf club. (We will advise further in relation to Trent Park Golf Centre)

How to verify a score?

In order to verify a score and for it to count towards a player’s WHS index, some basic rules should be followed:  

  • Play in accordance with The Rules of Golf
  • Use an authorised format of play
  • Play nine holes to post a 9-hole score
  • Play at least 10 holes to post an 18-hole score
  • Play with at least one other person
  • Play on a course with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating    

How your score counts towards the WHS?

Acceptable formats of play for submitting a score towards a player’s Handicap Index include any pre-registered general play ‘social’ scores and all individual competition rounds, both 9 and 18 holes, whether played at home or away courses. Non-acceptable formats of play include a player’s individual score from fourball better ball or other match play events.

You can also download this info in Word format below.

WHS part 4.docx

Ian Rickard, Secretary TPGC

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